#610 Built-In Arduino Examples

1. Blink

The blink! I am really excited about this one because I understood the actual code that went into making it. I even had a bit of fun moving the LED around to different pins and changing it in the code.

2. Using a Pushbutton to Control the LED

I expected breadboards to be seriously intimidating. However, once I realized that things had to line up on a single row everything went very smoothly. While I do not entirely understand how or why the little holy white device works, it is really cool to see all those components come together.

3. Controlling Light with PWM

This is my favorite of the lot. I love how there is nothing affecting the LED except for the code. The code is making it fade in and out. I speak to the computer, the computer translates that to the Arduino, and the Arduino sends the information to the breadboard and the LED. It is just so cool!

4. Analogue Input

This was an exercise in using the Analog rather than digital pins. In the code you had to determine if it was an input or an output and relate the pin numbers. I am really starting to understand the set up part of the Arduino code, but the loop section still mystifies me. Right now I just realized that I know there are two parts of Arduino code, which is kind of really cool. Just have to get Lula on board and we can start our own web series.

5. Try Other Analogue Sensors – potentiometer

 Given I haven’t used many different switches, but the potentiometer is totally my favorite. And that is about all I have to say about this.

6. toneMelody

I wish I would have had a little bit more time to play with the tones and make my own ditty. That will have to wait until next time. I think it is amazing the breadth of what an Arduino can do: songs to lights to I do not even know yet, but I look forward to finding out.