The very first post

With this post I wanted to take the opportunity to direct you to both my home page and about page to learn a bit more about both sides of  dynamic duo and where we are coming from both an educational standpoint and a purely fun fact informational level. Our home page looks into the journey the duo took to arrive at UMSI, while the about me delves into the who, what, when, where, and why.

But first, a quick summary for those of you in a hurry. My name is Broghan and I have a service dog named Lula. Her puppy pictures are on the other pages – yes, I am trying to lure you there! I finished my undergraduate degrees in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE) and French here at the University of Michigan last December. I love learning more than anythings, so could not wait any longer before diving back into academia. Reading would be my other passion. In fact, it was a character in a fantasy novel who studied Information Science that brought me here. Before that book, I had no idea that this particular avenue even existed. I am very glad that it brought me here.

I look forward to interacting with all my classmates on this medium. It is entirely new to me. I welcome any advice on making wordpress work to the best of it’s ability – please use the contact page!



2 thoughts on “The very first post

  1. Hi! That’s really intriguing that you learned about Information Science from a book. What book was it? It’s kind of like how I learned about archaeoastronomy. I wanted to write a report on astronomy for science class and the person in front of me in line took it! So I looked in the encyclopedia for related fields.


    • It was a book by Elizabeth Hunter called A Hidden Fire (won’t let me underline/italicize, eek!), it is a part of her Elemental Series. It is most decidedly a fantasy book, of the vampire persuasion, but they are my little escapes. Also! That is very smart thinking and I am not surprised you plan on ending up in a library ­čÖé


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